Facilitator, this is the word that best describes me. I have throughout my life been that child, young adult, and now social worker/program Coordinator, that strives to facilitate people, groups and organizations to reach their targets.

In my backpack I carry 14 years of experience with international development work, and civil society mobilization and management, comprising of 9 years in Africa (Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya), and 5 in Denmark. This has come with great experience with both local and international civil societies (NGOs) development and leadership, program and project management. Experience with funding mechanisms and donor relations, Inter/cross-cultural communication and relations, as well as alliances and advocacy.

Additionally, I have extensive experience with the development of networks and capacity building among local partners in the south and development organizations in Denmark. I am open to good social interactions, topical discussions, and networking, and across all these, I take keen interest in learning from new perspectives.

I combine training in Process Consulting, Coaching, and Public Management, with a 13+ year career in organizational development, to create needs tailored solutions. On day-to-day basis, I work with:

  • Migration, integration and labour market inclusion
  • Career & professional growth & coaching
  • Project ideation, fundraising and project management
  • Management systems and organizational optimization
  • Organizational strategies and growth planning
  • Relations management: stakeholders and clients support
  • Business facilitation for social entrepreneurs targeting Eastern Africa

You are welcome to contact me if you want to learn more about my work.