Three (3) things to consider before starting your next cross-sector partnership

There exists thousands of robust cross-sector partnerships, and more of these will be needed to reach our ambitions of a more sustainable globe set out in the SDGs, because it is clear none of the sectors can do it alone. But what are the play rules for a robust NGO-Company-Public partnership? Where do you start? What does it take? How do you do this?

Here are a few concrete suggestions to start with.

On the need to pay attention to and work at the grassroots level

Over the past many years, I have grown interested in and pursued working from a grassroots point of view. This adventure has exposed me to some interesting principles that many grassroots proponents base their work on. But not just that, these principles have over time exemplified the increasing relevance of working closely with local grassroots – as a more sustainable approach to supporting communities to build and sustain their agency and how this contributes to development.

In this blog, I share with you these principles.

Finding a 2021 compliant traction for the SDGs in Africa – while facing off with COVID-19

In this article, I build on the shadow COVID-19 continues to cast globally and compare the agility and agency we have reacted with vs. what we embodied in the first five years of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I argue that we should utilize the COVID-19 momentum of decision-making and financial mobilization as a sustaining framework for the SDGs towards the 2030 timeline.