On this page is a gathering of different writings – blogs, short articles, commentaries or reports that I have written over time. Most of these are reflections over different models I have been part of across my work – here mainly for inspiration or to help start a reflection/debate.

There are no copyrights on any of these – please feel free to utilize what ever of these you find meaningful to you.

Starting and growing a community reflective space – the case of Mayuge Community House

What have sports got to do with grassroots engagement?

Decrypting the Sustainable Development Goals for youths – and getting these into everyday reach

Reflecting on 2021 – and what gives me hope.

Coming to the Nordics – using personal stories to find a renewed view of migrant inclusion

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Three (3) things to consider before starting your next cross-sector partnership

On the need to pay attention to and work at the grassroots level

Finding a 2021 compliant traction for the SDGs in Africa – while facing off with COVID-19